KKC Corporation Co., LTD is a multinational company that specializes in registering & trading pharmaceutical products, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics manufactured in EU, Korea, Japan, China to throughout Asia, Latin America, CIS & the Middle East. Our headquarters are located in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and we provide solutions for pharmaceutical product manufacturers in launching their high-quality products in new territories.

Our biggest market is the Vietnam market. We have entered the Vietnam market since Vietnam has opened its gate to the world from the beginning of the 21st century, and have successfully done business in Vietnam for nearly two decades. We have two regional offices in Hanoi and Hochiminh, the political and economic capital cities of Vietnam, and a great RA & sales team in each office to cover the whole process of registering and sales in all 58 provinces and 5 central cities of Vietnam.

KKC has full knowledge and skills in distributing all kinds of pharmaceutical products in Vietnam. We supply in the public sector through the national tender system to public hospitals, and the private sector through pharmacies and local clinics. Also, the products we handle range from generics to high quality vaccines and trendy cosmetics from a variety of countries. So, whatever the product, we can provide a solution in the Vietnam market.

Cambodia is one of the fastest growing markets in KKC’s portfolio. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia we also have a regional office. Through that office we made remarkable changes in the Cambodian market. KKC was one of the first companies to register and sell European pharmaceutical products so that the Cambodian people can easily fulfill their needs in meeting high quality medicine. And also, one of the famous companies that provide quality OTC products throughout the whole country.

In addition, KKC is a “Certified trading company” by the Government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). This is an honor that only a few companies can get due to our outstanding performance and business credibility. By being a “Certified trading company”, KKC is the official partner of KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) in Ecuador & Peru that proves KKC to be one of the most reliable partners in that region. This reliability leads us to performing great outcomes like registering the first Korean NCE in Ecuador and spreading K-Beauty cosmetics throughout Latin America.

KKC is also a big player in the South Korean distribution market. We do direct pharmacy distribution business with over 4,000 pharmacies through a subsidiary company called Pharmapontis (100% owned by KKC) that specialized in importing & developing high quality pharmaceutical products. And through Pharmapontis we established several branch offices in many of the major cities in Korea and by doing so we cover all areas of South Korea.

Therefore, if you need help in launching a new product in a new territory, KKC can be a great solution for you. Proven by solid experience in international business development, and our reputation in the field, we have been an efficient way to launch and expand numerous products globally.

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