KKC Corporation Co., LTD was established in 2005 with a belief that the demand for good quality pharmaceutical products overcomes the difference in cultures and borders. Therefore, members of KKC started business by introducing high quality pharmaceutical products throughout the world. No matter the distance and no matter the difficulties. By dedicating their lives for that trust, KKC managed to build a reputation in numerous countries that their passion was genuine.

KKC built a healthy relationship with hundreds of partners globally and managed to build skill and comprehension of registration & distribution regularities in over 40 countries. Moreover, business flourished year after year reaching the sales of 30 mill USD a year.


Business from 2005

Global sales

30 mill USD +

Global business

Countries 40 +, Partners 100 +

RA capability

Registered over 500 +

Business range

NCE, Generics, Herbal medicine, Medical device, Food supplements, Cosmetics, API